Athletics » Sports Team Rules

Sports Team Rules

  1. All sports physical forms and a parent permission form are required before a student may begin practice with a school team.
  2. All Cranbury School rules are in effect when students are involved in athletic teams, from 3:15 until the student athlete arrives home.
  3. All students must be in good academic standing to participate in a team sport.
  4. All team members are expected to:
    • Follow coach's direction
    • Respect the coach, teammates, opponents, bus driver, spectators, and school property
    • Exhibit good sportsmanship
    • Refrain from verbal threats, teasing, fighting, bullying, and any form of harassment
    • Attend homework room before any sports practice
    • attend all games, meets and practices unless excused by the coach
  5. Any infraction will result in a consequence, which could include suspension from a game or suspension from the team.
  6. The coach will determine an appropriate consequence for any inappropriate behavior.
  7. The vice principal will make the final decision regarding the consequence in “serious” breach of school/team rules.
  8. The student must attend at least a half‐day of school in order to participate in an athletic event after school.
  9. Athletes must travel to and from games on the school bus unless permission is granted from the coach to ride home with the parent or permitted adult. A parent permission slip is required for an athlete to ride home with someone other than his or her
  10. parent.
  11. Athletes who need a ride home from school are to be picked up promptly when practices and games are over (within 15 minutes of a game or practice).
  12. Uniforms are the responsibility of the athlete. Any damage or loss will be assessed and paid to the school. The report card will be held until paid.
  13. Athletes are required to wear appropriate athletic clothing to practice – clothing that is not allowed in school is not allowed at
  14. practice.
  15. Students are not allowed to leave school grounds during practice (an athlete may not leave school grounds).
  16. Athletes are required to notify the coach of an injury immediately.
  17. Two or more detentions in a school week may result in suspension from game play.

Locker rooms and P.E. office

  1. Athletes should report to practice with all books and belongings needed to go home after practice because no one is allowed to return to hall lockers after practice.
  2. Lock up all valuables.
  3. Gym bags and other personal property may not be left in the locker rooms overnight unless it is locked in the locker.
  4. Respect the property of other athletes in the locker room.
  5. Water bottles are provided to the athletes use during the season. It is the responsibility of the individual to have their own water bottle at practice and competitions.
  6. Athletes are not allowed in the P.E. office.
  7. With permission, the P.E. office phone may be used to call home.

Hallway and Gym

  1. Cleats and spikes may not be worn in the halls or gym. Athletes should put them on outside.
  2. It is not permissible to play with balls or equipment in the halls.
  3. Athletes are not allowed in the gym unless supervised by a coach.
  4. Students are not allowed in the hallways to get schoolbooks after 4:00pm.


  1. At 3:15 dismissal time, athletes may not leave the gym porch area until the buses have left.
  2. Athletes are not allowed to leave the school grounds to buy food.
  3. Healthy snacks can be eaten before practice. Food is not allowed during practice.
  4. No one is allowed to play in the parking lot.
  5. Hitting, throwing or kicking balls against the building is not permitted.
  6. Athletes may not attend another team’s practice.
  7. Students who are not a member of the team may not attend practice.
  8. Students who attend a game or competition must exhibit good behavior.

Travel to Village Park

  1. Athletes must go directly to the park with another teammate and not stop anywhere.
  2. The coach will bring the equipment in his/her car.
  3. Teams must remain in their designated area at the park.