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Students within The Cranbury School District receive mathematics instruction from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Lessons are differentiated based on student need and designed to establish foundational skills that build in complexity over time. Students are motivated and encouraged to take risks, explore their curiosities, and collaborate with their peers.

The Cranbury School utilizes a math workshop model focused on individual student growth. The math workshop model incorporates differentiated, small group instruction, open-ended problem-solving activities, student choice, and opportunities to develop math fluency. The goal of math workshop is to increase engagement, personalize instruction, and provide the mathematical knowledge necessary for students to independently apply math strategies in the real world. 

Grades K-5

At the elementary level, lessons focus on operations and algebraic thinking, numbers and operations in base ten, fractions, measurement and data, and basic geometry.  Grades K-4 utilize the Reveal Mathematics program, a balanced elementary math program that allows students to develop number sense and explore the world of mathematics through an inquiry-based approach. At this level, students are encouraged to work collaboratively and learn from one another as they complete challenging tasks. Learning stations are meaningful and serve to increase math fluency and independent practice through high-interest activities. Grade 5 utilizes the Big Ideas mathematics program, which focuses on empowering students to develop a deeper understanding of mathematics and its relevance in the real world. Students are encouraged to explore their curiosities and collaborate with one another to solve authentic mathematical problems, building upon their previous knowledge.

Grades 6-8

At the middle school level, lessons focus on ratios and proportional relationships, the number system, expressions and equations, geometry, and statistics and probability. In Algebra I, students build upon these skills to learn about functions. Our course sequences allow students to demonstrate proficiency for advanced course placement. Criteria utilized for placement includes multiple measures, such as the NWEA Map test, prior performance at The Cranbury School, the Iowa Algebra Aptitude test, CogAT test, and teacher input. Through advanced placement, students are provided with the opportunity to take high school level courses in middle school. 

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Supplemental Support

Supplemental Support is available for qualifying students. Multiple measures are used to identify a need for additional academic support. If a student qualifies, additional instruction is offered for 45 minutes each week during the school day. Parents are notified in the fall and must provide permission for supplemental instruction. 


Mathematics Contests


  • Continental Math League
  • New Jersey Math League
  • American Mathematics Competitions 8 and 10

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