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Health Office Forms & Information for Sports

Middle School Sports:

What forms do I complete for my child to be able to participate in a Middle School Sport?

An Athletic Information Form and a Health History Update Form must be completed and submitted to the Health Office for EVERY sport season (fall, winter, and spring). Please have the student hand in the forms to the nurse, Mrs. Brophy, to check that the forms are complete and that a current physical exam form is on file in the Health Office.

An Annual Athletic Physical Exam Form must have been done within 365 days of the first day of tryouts/practice and submitted to the Health Office. History Form and Supplemental History Form is to be completed by the parent and then reviewed by the physician. The physician then completes the physical and documents the physical on the Physical Examination Form and completes the Clearance Form. If your child has a medical condition (asthma /allergies) that requires medication in school, the appropriate action plans/medication forms need to be completed as well.  Ask your child’s physician whether your child may self administer his/her medication in school.

Annually- Sign the Yearly Acknowledgement Form for Sports that you and your child have reviewed the required NJ State information for student athletes: Concussions Fact Sheet, Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes Brochure and Opioid Fact Sheet.

Why do we have deadlines? More than 200 middle school students participate in sports during the school year. Students who submit accurate and complete medical forms by the deadline date have the assurance that their paperwork will be approved by the nurse and the school doctor so that they will be added to the medically cleared list for that sport season.

Please keep a copy of your child’s physical examination and complete all forms in Black Ink.  

Check the Frequently Asked Questions about Middle School Sports  below for more detailed information regarding Middle School Sports.

I still have questions about health requirements. Who can answer them?

Please call Mrs. Jillian Brophy at 395-1700 ext. 239 or email her at for health questions. Mrs. Brophy is the coordinator of athletic health forms for middle school sports. For questions regarding non-health related sports information, please contact the coaches.

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