School Counseling Department

As school counselors, we advocate for all students. Through our practice, we help support our students through a number of services. Our school counseling mission successfully implements empirical counseling theories, provides academic, personal, social, emotional supports, collaborates with teachers, parents and community, and teaches counseling based programs throughout the school year. With a central focus on social-emotional learning, we follow the CASEL Framework including the five SEL Competencies: Self-Management, Self-Awareness, Responsible Decision-Making, Relationship Skills, and Social Awareness. 


Our goal is to help support and advocate for all of our students both in and outside of school. We value the emotional well-being of every student in our building and we strive to provide positive counseling in individual, group, and in classroom settings. Through our practice, we work with each other to provide equal opportunities to all students and help every child succeed. Through a proactive and comprehensive approach, our students can make healthy and positive choices to help them become lifelong learners.

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