The Cranbury Township Board of Education provides transportation services for all Cranbury Township public school students who reside two or more miles from school. Those students who live less than two miles from school may also be transported to school if their walking route is determined to be unsafe. This is decided in conjunction with local law enforcement on a case by case basis. In addition to providing direct transportation services to students, the Board of Education also provides transportation reimbursement to parents of students who attend private or parochial school, according to NJ State laws and regulations. This practice is known as Aid-in-Lieu of Transportation Service. The financial reimbursement is determined by the State Department of Education . The Board of Education contracts with privately owned school bus companies to transport most of the students. The Board determines the conditions of the contract with regard to bus routes, bus stops, and bus schedules. Bus companies must also comply with all New Jersey Department of Education Rules and Regulations that govern transportation services. In addition to assuring the district that the school buses meet safety standards and bus drivers are properly licensed, the contractor must also certify that the drivers have cleared a New Jersey Department of Education Criminal Background Check.