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Cranbuddies Open House ~ Rescheduled

If you are interested in finding out more about our preschool programs for typically developing 3 year old children, please join us for an Open House with Cranbuddies teacher Diane Leypoldt on Wednesday, February 27: 5:30 - 6:00 PM (three­-year olds)

Cranbury Students Give Back to Their Community

This past December, the SOS team donated a variety of clothing items from the lost and found to the Rise Foundation. SOS participated in Rise’s holiday gift program, which provided clothing for children in need during the holiday season. They were recognized by Rise for their donation, and the SOS continues keep the school clean, while giving back in our community.
CEF Arts and Craft Show

22nd Annual CEF Craft Show

The Cranbury Education Foundation (CEF) is excited to celebrate our 22nd Craft Show on Saturday, March 9 & Sunday, March 10!
Writing awards

Scholastic Writing Award Winners Announced

Cranbury School had a number of students submit their writing to the 2019 National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Several middle school students were recognized for their talents!
snowman melting

The Same As Me by Chloe Yang

In this sweet, little tale about the brief life of a snowman, a fourth grader shares an important lesson, inviting the reader to be open to unexpected surprises from new friends.

Erin Carney, Aspiring Poet

This is the second in a series of poems to be published on our site, composed by one of our seventh grade students, Erin Carney.
I Wish....

I Wish....Poetry for the New Year

To mark the New Year, Mr. Jamison, Mrs. Weber and Mrs. Odman's fifth graders share their hopes and dreams for the future in poetic form.

Erin Carney, Aspiring Poet

Erin's interest in writing poetry began in third grade when she wrote her first poem during free time in the classroom. Her teacher was the first person to tell her that the words she was putting together lyrically, were examples of something wonderful: poetry. Ever since, she's been composing poems as an outlet for her emotions. For the next several months, we'll be posting one of Erin's poems from her seventh grade year.

Gone Sledding! A Winter Memory

In this personal narrative by Chen Jiang, a fourth grade student in Ms. DeJesus' class, the author describes a winter scene, celebrating the joys of sledding through a small part of our beautiful natural landscape in Cranbury Township, a place in which the charms of a day spent in the snow with friends, makes for an unforgettable memory.


Viking Videos

This is the video replay of the Program of Studies Night, held Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at the Princeton High School Performing Arts Center.
Compass with the word strategy inside and the Cranbury Viking Logo

Our Mission

The Cranbury School, the heart of our community, offers every student an opportunity to shine. We inspire each other to build lives of intellectual curiosity and purpose. While learning timeless skills, students develop character and confidence to lead by example in a diverse and changing world.