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girl soccer

Against the Wall

A fourth grade soccer star tells the story of how she stayed in the game to win the game.
boy singing

Be Brave, Just Sing

In this personal narrative written by a fourth grade student, the author reveals how he struggled, and eventually overcame, one of his deepest fears.


Viking Videos

At Cranbury School, excellence is the norm, not the exception. Outstanding educational programs and opportunities for students’ growth have become the hallmark of our district. Through a wide variety of activities, students grow academically, socially, physically and emotionally as they strive to achieve excellence and experience success. The support of the board of education, parents, community, and staff is truly appreciated and is integral to the continued success of the Cranbury School District.
We are working to create a gallery of videos that will showcase how our district excels.
View our 2018 Back to School Video!
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Our Mission

The Cranbury School, the heart of our community, offers every student an opportunity to shine. We inspire each other to build lives of intellectual curiosity and purpose. While learning timeless skills, students develop character and confidence to lead by example in a diverse and changing world.