Problem-Solving Contact List

Where do I go with a Question or Concern?

Initial Stage

Questions or concerns regarding instructional practices and/or discipline problems in any of your child’s classes should be addressed with the appropriate classroom or special area teacher. Teachers may be reached via e-mail or voice mail.

Please see the staff list online for extensions and e-mail addresses

Second Stage

Questions and concerns directly pertaining to the business office, curriculum, CST, the counselors and/or the nurses should be directed to the appropriate staff listed below.

Business Administrator/Transportation:

Mr. David Weidele, x221 or [email protected]



Mrs. Shanna Weber, Supervisor, Ext. 229 or [email protected]

Mrs. Meghan Mannarino, Supervisor, Ext. 229 or [email protected]


Child Study Team: 

Dr. Ashley Kipness, Supervisor of Special Services, Ext. 232 or [email protected]



Ms. Leah Posella Ext. 228 or [email protected]

Mrs. Kristine Fulton, Ext. 247 or [email protected]



Mrs. Jillison Brophy, RN, Ext. 239 or [email protected]


Third Stage

If more information is needed or you still have questions or concerns, a conference may be scheduled with the Assistant Principal.

Assistant Principal Dr. Jennifer Casazza, Ext. 225 or [email protected]


Fourth Stage

A conference with the Principal is most appropriately held if questions or concerns need further clarification or resolution.

Chief School Administrator Dr. Jennifer K. Diszler, ext. 249 or [email protected]