Week of June 8th
We made it to June! Can you believe it?  I hope you have a great summer!
  1. Listen to this story then share 3 things that are related to summer
  2. Draw a picture of the beach. Include something you can:

Ride, eat, see, hear, do

Week of June 1st
  1. Listen to Mr. Magee’s Camping Spree on Tumble Books. Log in: tumble735

Password: books

2.Complete the Easy Quiz
Week of May 25th
  1. Watch this video and complete the “Which Came First” activity
  1. List five animals that live in the ocean
  1. Create an ocean scene.  Be creative.  You can use construction paper, markers, stuffed animals, Legos, whatever you have!
Week of May 18th
  1. Let’s go to the zoo!  Click here and watch for the first 2 minutes and 45 seconds:  


Which animals did you see?  Which was the biggest?  Which was the smallest? What was your favorite animal? 

Have your parents type your responses, or draw a picture and share with me!

  1. Sing along!

  1. Build a zoo with Play-doh, Legos, Magnatiles, or any building toys you have.
Week of May 11th
List or draw the animals that the spider meets in the story.

2.Time for another scavenger hunt!  Be on the lookout for something you can:







Share your answers with me!

3. Play Duck, Duck, Goose with your family

Week of May 4th
  1. Draw a picture of your Mom.  List three things you love most about your Mom.
  1. Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Find Mom’s Favorite:

Food, thing to wear, thing to read, activity,

Color. Be sure to send me a picture so I can see how you did!

  1. Give your mom a break! Play a game with your dad! Practice using complete sentences as you take turns.
Week of April 27
  1. Complete Location Scavenger Hunt.  Check off items as you complete them, and send me a picture of your completed list.  

  1. Play a game of I Spy.  Try to use some of your location words from activity #1, such as “I spy something red next to the couch.” 

  1. Complete a puzzle.  Practice asking for a piece using descriptive words, or describe the completed puzzle once you’re done.
Week of April 20th

1. Go to:

*Watch the video “What are Plants”
*Click on key word and quiz activities
  1. Draw a picture of a plant you saw in the video or one in your backyard
  2. Play a board game. Practice taking turns and using language to request and comment during the game.
Week of April 13th

Go to:

Activity 1:

  • Watch the video for Duck! Rabbit
  • Click on quizzes and choose quick quiz
Activity 2:
  • Work together to make something
  • Plan together to think of an idea
  • Take turns building/ creating
  • Model full sentences
Activities for the week of: March 30th

Go to:


  • Watch the video for One Duck Stuck
  • Click on quizzes and choose quick quiz
  • Retell the story, which animals try to help the duck?
Here the links to langauge activities for the week of March 23
1. "It's Spring" booklet
2.Spring words – look for spring in your backyard using your vocabulary words.
3. Action picture cards. - What is happening in each picture?
1.Please read or listen to "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover"
 Recall and discuss  2- 3 things she swallowed
2. St. Patrick's Day Word Book
3. Review books and language link
4.  Find and label spring vocabulary words.
Week of March 30th
Watch the video for One Duck Stuck