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Are you a former student or parent? Or someone who would like to attend plays, concerts or art shows at our school? Or a taxpayer who wants to know more about our district? Please consider signing up for our Cranbury School Subscriber List!
We already know how to reach the families within our school - and we want to connect and engage with others in our Cranbury community as well! The Board of Education’s Community Engagement Committee, which is comprised of Board of Education members and a cross-section of Cranbury residents, developed ways to help us share information with people outside of our parent/guardian audience. This new Cranbury School Subscriber List is one of those ideas.
Signing up for news and updates from the district will help us reach you with news YOU want about the Cranbury School District. You can customize the type of information in which you are interested, and you can also manage your own contact account at any time to update your email address, or unsubscribe if you wish. 
We are eager to share news including:
  • Information on upcoming events like plays, concerts, art shows or other events
  • Information on the status of our referendum projects as they develop
  • Highlights and successes of Cranbury School students and staff
  • News about the district budget or operations
Our research shows we do a pretty good job of communicating with our current students and families, but that we could do more to connect with those who aren’t our parents, students or staff. For example, you might be:
  • A former student who wants to stay informed or involved in school events;
  • A parent of a student who graduated from Cranbury school who is no longer receiving;
  • information directly, but who is still interested in what we have going on;
  • A resident who would like to know about art shows, plays, musicals or other events;
  • A taxpayer who wants to learn about our budget, expenditures and investments, or
  • A business owner or member of a community organization who wants to utilize our school building (or our new Center for Arts Education once it is constructed) for an event.
The “How to Join Cranbury School Subscriber List” instruction sheet link will provide step-by-step instructions for how to join our email list. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected].
Thank you for your interest in the Cranbury School District!