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Meet Mrs. Crannage

Welcome to the art room!
Art Room
     As an art educator, I will create a space where children can believe in self-expression without judgement or fear.  I will encourage risk taking and praise success and failure.  My perfect classroom is a place where every student celebrates their creations, no matter how big or small.  
     As an artist, I will continue to practice my own work to empower students to do the same.  I have a love for art history and continue to educate myself on past and current artists.  Sharing current artists to our students is a passion of mine, as it sparks curiosity and wonderful discussions.  It shows that they too, are artists.
Keith Haring

~This is my 9th year teaching art at the Cranbury School.
~In 2006 I earned a double BFA from The College of New Jersey in
Art History and Graphic Design.  
In 2010, I completed my MAT in education, also from TCNJ.  
~I live in central New Jersey with my Husband Gregg, my two boys,
Austin (12 yrs old) and Benjamin (5 yrs old), and our cat, Penny.  
~Some of my favorite museums I have visited are: