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K-2 Back to School Night Information

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Suggested Materials/Tools list for Industrial Arts

Home learning

After looking over the assignments from our online learning experience, I came up with a suggested list of supplies and materials. I do not suggest you buy everything on this list, but most of these things would be helpful to most households and student projects anyway. If you choose to buy these things, it would be very helpful for your at home learning experience.  I would put these items aside in a labeled box or large storage container. I would also store/save cut up boxes and things for future use. 

-Pencils, pens, markers, crayons, erasers

-Good scissors, stapler, hole punch, 

-staples, clothes pins, paper clips (big and small) brass fasteners, spring clips

-Scotch tape, electrical tape, duct tape, masking tape, painters tape, elmer’s glue, hot glue sticks, epoxy, glue sticks for paper

-Cardboard (Amazon boxes), lumber, plywood, luana, old or broken toys, empty plastic bottles, coffee cans, cloth, fabric, old tee shirts/sheets, clay, playdough, twigs, dowel rods, popsicle sticks, newspaper

-Printer paper, graph paper, index cards(big and small), construction paper, poster board, aluminum foil, wax paper

-String, rope, wire (flexible, stranded, solid, electrical and non electrical wire) wire coat hangers

-plastic straws, paper plates, cups, bowls (of various sizes), chop stix, wooden skewers

-latex or acrylic paint, paint brushes, spray paint, paint markers, drop clothes, empty containers

-hardware, nails, screws, springs, hinges, pvc pipe, pvc elbows, aluminum roof flashing, screw hooks, screw eyes, nuts with screws 

-tools: powered drill, drill bits, claw hammer (7 oz, 16 oz)    screw drivers, hand-saw, hacksaw,  powered saw, file, sand paper, nail puller, tin snips, wire cutter, wire stripper, razor knife (box cutter) exacto knife, staple gun, clamps