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About Me

My name is Maureen Johnston, and I will be your child’s teacher for this academic year. I have been teaching at Cranbury School for many years, with more than 25 years experience in the field of education. I have two grown children.  My son, Billy, spent four years in the Marine Corp, attended St. John’s University in New York, and is currently working as a computer engineering.  My daughter, Morgan, is a middle school math teacher in Passaic, NJ.  She lives in Montclair.  Eli is my 13 year old dog who is usually a part of my teaching day, on and off the camera! I live in Monroe with my “someone special,” Tom.  We live on a golf course.  In my free time I enjoy traveling, playing golf  and pickle ball, swimming and reading.


        I believe every child is inherently seeking knowledge and should be provided with information.  History has proven to us that education is a stepping-stone in the journey through life.  It enables a student to understand a process and concept, and apply that concept into practical application.  Education can be formal or informal, structured or unstructured; however, it leaves a lasting, meaningful outcome on whoever is educated.  I believe that each child has the right to be educated in the style and format in which they would have the most success.  It is my privilege, as your child’s teacher, to provide these tools for which your child to succeed.


     I look forward to a successful school year with both you and your child.