Visual Arts Department

Welcome to the Cranbury School
Visual Arts Department
8th Grade Mandala 3rd Grade Koi Fish 5th Grade Pop Art Cup and Saucer 8th Grade Starry Night Parody
     We have a comprehensive visual arts program that reaches all of our Kindergarten - 8th grade students. Our curriculum aligns with the 2020 NJ Student Learning Standards for Visual and Performing Arts.  All of our students transform the way they learn through inquiry-based, hands-on experiences; individual discovery and looking at the work of other artists. Learning this way empowers students to figure things out for themselves about any topic or idea.
     Traditional forms of art making are just as important to the development of our students and their understanding of the visual world around them.  Students in the art room can develop self identity and self awareness through their creative ideas and communications in the visual arts.  
2020 NJ Student Learning Standards for Visual and Performing Arts

"Throughout time, the arts have served as a distinctive vehicle for

self-discovery and a means of understanding the world in which we live."

To review the NJ Visual Arts standards, please click this link.