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Dec. 14, 2021 Referendum - Full STEAM Ahead

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Referendum Voting Results


Votes are Certified - The Cranbury Referendum Was Approved!

Referendum Voting Results Have Been Certified by the County. Yes = 557 (63%) No = 328 (37%) We will be sure to provide updates and timelines for projects as they develop.


Thank you for your participation in this special election on behalf of the students and community. We will continue to keep you informed!

On Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2021 the Cranbury School District will be seeking voter approval
for a referendum to make investments in our school district. The future-focused projects being proposed were born from a community-wide strategic planning initiative and are designed to serve our students and the Cranbury community.
TOP TEN Reasons for the Referendum
The biggest questions being asked are WHY are these projects needed and WHY NOW?
To condense the full presentation available below, we have come up with the
TOP TEN REASONS why this referendum is being proposed for voter approval.
Please click below to read.
Screenshot of Top Ten List