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Room Parent Information

THANK YOU for volunteering to be a Room Parent in your child's classroom!

As a room parent there are several events in which your help will be required. Classroom parties are held on the following days:

  • Halloween
  • Half day before winter break
  • Valentine's Day

(For Valentine’s Day parties, room parents are only needed for some younger elementary grades and at teacher's request.)

In addition, we require your help during the PTO Ice Cream Social and on Field Day. Please note that you, as a room parent, are not obligated to attend each of these events personally; however, if you cannot be there it is your responsibility to find an alternate parent to attend in your place.

The PTO has been working to help make your job as a room parent easier and to insure classroom parties are consistent throughout the grade levels. As a result, we will be providing the snack, drink, and generic paper goods for both the Halloween and Valentine's Day parties. You should not feel obligated to provide additional food items for these parties. The administration will be working with the teachers to advise them of this as well. This eliminates the need to collect money for classroom parties.

Please be aware that collecting money for classroom parties is NOT allowed in grades PreK-5 and is a Board of Education policy.

There are, however, exceptions to the rule with regards to collecting money. You are allowed to collect for the Pizza Party held the day before the winter break.

Class parents should agree by grade level how much they want to collect and send one letter out to all parents in that grade. This amount will vary depending on the grade of your child as the older kids tend to eat more pizza and therefore incur additional costs.

Other examples of when it is acceptable to collect money are for specific grade level events, such as for the Chinese Banquet in fourth grade. Again, please work together as room parents to coordinate a collection amount that will cover all of your costs and send out one letter to all parents in that grade.