Erin Carney, Aspiring Poet

Erin's interest in writing poetry began in third grade when she wrote her first poem during free time in the classroom. Her teacher was the first person to tell her that the words she was putting together lyrically, were examples of something wonderful: poetry. Ever since, she's been composing poems as an outlet for her emotions. For the next several months, we'll be posting one of Erin's poems from her seventh grade year.
Pedal Act
Balancing off of a pedal, 
Decaying under my touch. 
No need to emphasize here, 
The flower understands. 
Words don't flow from my mouth -
As pollen will cover my eyes. 
My vision is fine, however. 
When I come back tomorrow-
There will be a new shade, 
But it is still the flower-
From days past.