Cranbury School photo makeups/retakes and team/club pictures


When:    Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Where:   Auditorium/Music Room 

Students involved in  winter sports photos and  school clubs will be photographed for the yearbook.  Sports team members should remember to bring/wear their uniform to school to wear in the pictures.

If you are interested in arranging a photo make-up or retake, please contact PTO chairperson, Katherine Lara at  Make-up or retakes will take place during the school day.  

Students being photographed will need the following items on January 10th:

Make-ups--Students need to bring payment and package selection with them on January 10th.  Please print and fill out the attached Make-Up order form.

Retakes--Students must bring their complete original photo package with them on January 10th in order to be re-photographed.  Students should bring $8 re-sit fee unless retake is required due to technical problem with the pictures. Please print and fill out the attached Retake order form.  (Note: Parents can keep the class photo they received, as that image was free for all students.)