I Wish....Poetry for the New Year

Mr. Jamison spearheaded a new reflective poetry writing project this week, incorporating rock lyrics and video to spark the creativity of our fifth grade students. The lesson begins with a video clip, and is followed by a discussion about the meaning of the song lyrics.  Mr. Jamison wrote, "From there, we'd brainstorm a list of objects to become and why. I ask them to write at least three stanzas." It becomes an opportunity for students to share their hopes and dreams for the future at the perfect time of the year.  This writing exercise prompted students toward meaningful introspection, and provided avenues for teaching about two of the competencies of Social Emotional learning: Social Awareness and Self-Awareness. 
Fifth graders Kate Mazzoni, Beth He, and Evan Ftikas share a little piece of themselves in these artful, thoughtful poetry projects.  Stop by and read more on the board facing our main office....and, Happy New Year!