Gone Sledding! A Winter Memory

Hauling a sled is hard work! My seven year old sister Faye and I experienced it last year in December. When we finally got to the top of the hill in Village Park, we slid down the slopes on our new sleds and we both whooped with joy. Once we got to the bottom of the hill, Faye and I knew we had to start up the hill all over again.

Fwoosh! Down came the sleds, then out of the blue, Faye overboard! For some reason, Faye had tumbled out of her sled and now her light green sled was sliding to the bottom of the hill.  So after getting up, Faye ran downhill, got her sled, and hauled it all the way top the top of the hill. This happened to us over and over, because sometimes the sled tipped over, or we rolled out of the sled, but it was always fun!

Back at the top of the hill, Faye and I saw two figures in the distance: a girl, and a boy. They both had sleds, one pink, one blue. As the two people got closer up the hill, we realized that it was Amy and her little brother, Max, and they were going sledding too! So we all slid down the hill in the winter landscape of Village Park, and we all even got to switch sleds and try them! So we all slid down different angles at the hill in Village Park.

Bump! When the four of us all slid down the hill, someone for some reason made a pile of snow about two feet high.  Like a car driving over a speed bump, my sled and I slid over the small mound of snow, and hopped about three inches above the pile and I landed on flat ground. Amy, Faye and Max saw what happened and they all began laughing, then everyone else began doing it too, and we all had fun!

When Amy and Max began to leave we said goodbye to them and we went sledding for a few more minutes and we also left Village Park, with Dad hauling Faye on the sled as we left. I knew that I would always remember this fun experience in Village Park.