SGN-Cranbury is Famous!

We are excited to announce that the first-ever episode of SGN-Cranbury was featured on John Krasinski’s latest edition of SGN!  A brief clip of Ayan Khanna can be seen in the broadcast at 6:55. 

Congratulations to our Wingman leaders -  Ayan Khanna, Anika Hadap, Syra Bhatt, Larry He and Maddie Castillo - for their hard work in producing the inaugural edition of SGN-Cranbury! The first episode focused on positive stay-at-home stories from 3rd grader Amanda Engelhardt, 6th grader Louise Carroll, 8th grader Larry He and 6th grader Lizbeth He. The episode also featured a special segment on how to make red velvet cookies by 8th grader Maddie Castillo! 

The second edition is in the works!  Stay tuned!