Kindness Club "Third Party Compliments" Project!

In February, Kindness Club launched a project called “Third-Party Compliments,” which involved members of our school community sending meaningful, uplifting compliments to each other. The compliments were submitted anonymously but were intended for specific recipients. The recipients were filmed reading their compliments for the first time to show the power of kind words. Episode 1 of this project contains just a few of the wonderful compliments students and staff submitted!  Episode 2 is now available and a virtual Epidode 3 has been created, too!

Kindness Club would like to continue this project during remote learning in order to lift our collective spirits! Students in grades 5-8 may complete the “Third-Party Compliment Submission Form” to send a compliment to another student or staff member. Kindness Club will then contact the recipient to film his/her compliment. We’re looking forward to sharing the power of our kind words!

Third-Party Compliment Introduction Slideshow

Third-Party Compliment Submission Form

Third-Party Compliments Episode 1

Third-Party Compliments Episode 2

Third-Party Compliments Episode 3 (virtual)