Cranbury School Celebrates Week of Respect

This year's "Week of Respect" will be held October 1st - October 7th. This year our Peer Leaders will present lessons in Kindergarten to Fifth Grade classes on the importance of respect. The Peer Leaders will be reading the book “The Crayon Box That Talked,” by Shane DeRolf to Kindergarten through Second Grade students. Students will have a discussion on the importance of respect and will then have the opportunity to color in their very own crayon which will be displayed on the Respect Week bulletin board! The Peer Leaders will be teaching their lessons during the morning meeting or lunch/recess periods.  

Our Peer Leaders will also be working with our Third through Fifth grade students and they will read “What Should Danny Do?” by Ganit & Adir Levy. This book teaches students how we have the power to choose. The book discusses the importance of how our choices can affect us and others. This interactive and educational story allows readers to decide what the character should do next. Students will then have a class discussion on our power to choose and how to do so respectfully. 


This year, students will have the opportunity to take a pledge of respect during their lunch periods. Students will have the chance to sign their name on one of the letters that make up the word R-E-S-P-E-C-T-! This will be displayed in the hallway to help promote our school’s respectful, responsible and ready school environment!

We will also show our dedication to promoting a respectful school environment by dressing in the colors or themes designated to represent the Week of Respect daily themes.

Week of Respect Daily Themes for 2019

Tuesday 10/1- Pajama Day or Sweatpants!

Wednesday 10/2- Wacky Wednesday - Wear mismatched clothing!

Thursday 10/3 - Wear your favorite team’s jersey or colors!

Friday 10/4 - SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY!

Monday 10/7 - Buddy Class Color Day!