Princeton Tigers Pee Wee Ice Hockey Team Champions!

As the rival team and the Princeton Tiger Pee-Wees walked on the ice, the crowd roared wildly. When the hockey game ended, the Princeton Tiger Pee-Wee team had won. The score was 5-1 and there was another cheering roar from the crowd. This tournament was in Lake Placid, New York, where it became official that the Princeton Tiger Pewees were undefeated for the season. The Princeton Tiger Pewee team played on the same ice and were assigned to the same locker room as the 1980 Olympic gold medal team.

The 1980 men’s Olympic gold medal team won on Sunday, February 24th, 1980. They had to defeat Finland and Soviet Union. They defeated Finland in the championships winning 4-2.  They versed Soviet Union the game after they versed Finland, winning 4-3. The people that won the 1980 gold medal are Bill Baker, Neal Broten, Dave Christian, Jim Craig, Steve Christoff, Eruzione, Steve Janaszak, Mark Johnson, John Harrington, Rob McClanahan, Morrow, Jack O'Callahan, Mark Pavelich, Mike Ramsey, Buzz Schneider, Dave Silk, Eric Strobel, Suter, and Phil Verchota. Have you heard of these players before?

 The Princeton Tiger Pewees were honored to live up to the legacy of the Olympic gold medal team! We interviewed Jack Zimet and Oisin O’Dell, members of the Princeton Tiger Pee-Wees. They seem to be really dedicated to hockey, but it is not just a one person commitment, it is also a family commitment too. They like to play the game and hang out with new friends that are on their hockey team. Oisin and Jack like playing because their team works well together, and they make new friends. Not only are they friends with their teammates, but they have also built trust with their friends. At the end they felt like they did a good job and their hard work paid off.