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Full STEAM Ahead! Referendum Project Updates

The Cranbury Board of Education is excited to share our journey as we embark on a mission to build a stronger educational experience for the present and future students of Cranbury.
We invite you to explore these pages as our vision comes to life!
graphic showing phases of construction, referendum design, bidding , construction and completion
Each of the Referendum Projects will take place on different timeframes, based on the schedule that will cause the least disruption to our learning program. Below is a general timeline of the various phases of the referendum design and construction process. More detailed project-specific timelines will be available on each project page as they are known.
timeline of referendum projects
Throughout this process, we are committed to:
  • Safety
  • Being mindful to create the least disruption to education and operations
  • Transparency
The Cranbury School District sought voter approval for a referendum to make important investments in our school district. The referendum vote was held on Dec. 14, 2021 and passed with the following vote totals: YES = 557 (63%) and NO = 328 (37%).
The future-focused projects that were proposed were born from a community-wide strategic planning initiative and are designed to serve our students and the Cranbury community. Annual maintenance of our facility is a top priority and the district has completed a number of improvements feasible within the annual budget.
However, prior to this referendum, it had been 20 years since the district has embarked on large-scale projects and renovations. During that time, the world of education has changed and these referendum projects were designed to address existing needs while anticipating the future.
Accomplishing these projects through a referendum allows the district to receive 34% of approved costs (which is approximately $4.2 million dollars) towards the projects in the form of debt service aid, which reduces the burden to taxpayers.
  • Debt service aid is not available to projects done piecemeal over several years - and a 2% cap on the annual tax levy makes large-scale improvements like this impossible through the annual budget.
  • This referendum was timed for AFTER previously incurred debt from prior projects expired - so we wouldn’t take on new debt while still paying old debt.
The future-focused investments we are proposing were born from a community-centered Strategic Planning initiative that began in 2015. A diverse cross-section of the community helped us create a vision and a blueprint to move the district forward. The result was a new district mission statement and goals and objectives related to:
  • Advancing Curriculum
  • Inspiring Curiosity & Creativity
  • Strengthening Climate & Culture
  • and Enhancing Connections & Communications
The district has steadily addressed these goals and objectives and the facility improvements in the referendum projects continue our progress on those goals.
If you have a question, please reach out to us! 
or call the district at 609-609-395-1700, ext. 249